Calming Bottles

  Today we made Calming Bottles and read this lovely new book by Don and Audrey Wood. The book has great vocabulary including “restless, fidgety, and calm.” We listed ways we can calm ourselves. 
*Calming Bottles contain clear gel glue, lots of glitter (we used some fine glitter and some regular together so that the rate that they fall varies), warm water and a couple drops of food coloring (optional)

Rain Gutter Races

A vinyl rain gutter capped and sealed on the ends was so much fun during Preschool Science Camp! Creating boats and using our own wind force to move them was a just right challenge for the 4-5 year olds!  This could definitely be expanded into a project.

I used the same activity at a K-2 science camp but added more boat research and exploration of buoyancy and force. We also experimented more with the construction of the boats – size and shape of the boats (pool noodle), sails (parchment paper) and masts (skewers). 

Measuring the length of our “route,” using stopwatches and counting how many breaths it takes incorporates math standards. 


Paintbrush Sunshine Science

Photos of our “Paintbrush Sunshine” were posted here previously. We loved it as a sort of chandelier in The Studio all year! This week at Science Camp we did some exploration with it. We even sent it down the slide. The kids made great predictions…”It will explode,” “It will get stuck and someone will have to go down the slide to push it down,” “It will roll all the way across the parking lot….” The Paintbrush Sunshine rolled beautifully and held up amazingly well! 

Creating The Paintbrush Sunshine was an awesome project and it was a beautiful decoration in The Studio but…we are investigators!!!


Child Directed Learning

The capturing of an insect created opportunities for collaboration, problem solving, experimentation, engineering, squealing, giggling, negotiating, ethics debate,  conflict resolution…The beauty of a child centered/emerging curriculum!  


Conversations about a bug capture…

“Maybe he is a girl. If he lays eggs we will know he is a girl.

If he escapes we can step on him or stick him to the tape. No, that’s hurting God’s creatures- you’re bad! She isn’t bad, she just doesn’t want to get bit or pooped on! They don’t hurt you so don’t hurt it! 

We should put tape on all the connections so they don’t come apart. The chimney is too tall to stand up by itself. I’ll fix it.

Does he like the light? We are trying to see if he is afraid of the light. Turn on the flashlight and see if he runs away from it. 

We can’t keep him forever, he doesn’t have food and water. Yea but if we put him in a jar we can study him and see if we notice something new.”