Paintbrush Sunshine Science

Photos of our “Paintbrush Sunshine” were posted here previously. We loved it as a sort of chandelier in The Studio all year! This week at Science Camp we did some exploration with it. We even sent it down the slide. The kids made great predictions…”It will explode,” “It will get stuck and someone will have to go down the slide to push it down,” “It will roll all the way across the parking lot….” The Paintbrush Sunshine rolled beautifully and held up amazingly well! 

Creating The Paintbrush Sunshine was an awesome project and it was a beautiful decoration in The Studio but…we are investigators!!!


Reggio Inspired Environments Part 5

For us, The Studio serves (among other things) as a place to store and return to ongoing work. This is a very important aspect of an environment that supports Project Work. There is really no way to facilitate an in-depth investigation that takes place over time without a place to store work to be completed over time! In the most practical sense, this is what The Studio/Atelier makes possible. A space such as The Studio to be used to support Project Work is both a luxury and a necessity.



Reggio Inspired Environments Part 1

This is Part 1 of a series of posts about creating a Reggio Inspired Classroom Environment-

an environment conducive to Project Work.


a praying mantis to draw

zebra grass to cut

Interacting with live plants and animals leads to rich discussion and sparks curiosity.

Curiosity is the heart of Project Work!

live worms to observe