The Sliderator

As a culmination to our machines and contraptions project the PreK class created their own contraption…The Sliderator. The Sliderator is an elaborate marble run featuring  a crank, inclined planes, tubes,  hand painted blinking signs, rules for use, a ladder, a funnel, a lifeguard chair (to retrieve marbles that have escaped), and a musical tree! We shared our Sliderator and documentation with the other classes and parents during our Holiday Program. 


Calming Bottles

  Today we made Calming Bottles and read this lovely new book by Don and Audrey Wood. The book has great vocabulary including “restless, fidgety, and calm.” We listed ways we can calm ourselves. 
*Calming Bottles contain clear gel glue, lots of glitter (we used some fine glitter and some regular together so that the rate that they fall varies), warm water and a couple drops of food coloring (optional)